Curating Cool: Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most underrated apps on the market. It is an app and website that basically serves as a virtual vision board. I use it to save any and every image, idea, or recipe I come across. I first came across Pinterest while briefly interning in the social media department of Fashion Outlet NYC in the winter of 2015 and have been in love with it ever since. 

One of the best thing pinterest can be used for is aesthetic. Improving your pictures can come more naturally if you observe what the most successful people are doing. Taking a satisfactory picture can become a much smoother process if you’re prepared when a moment of inspiration strikes. 

Here are my favorite features and tips for pinterest: 

Make multiple boards. I have boards for everything, makeup, posing, weightloss, work outs. Organizing your pinterest makes it easier to access photos when you need them and the format can give you a look at how different themes will fit with your personality and aesthetic. 

Poses come more naturally when you see what other people are doing and what fits with your body and face.Want to flatten your stomach? Enhance your booty? Plump your lips? The way you stand and move can help you get your desired image.  What you’re doing in a picture will project an idea that will give your followers some insight on how you were that day.

This picture involves both motion and a specific pose. While accentuating my arms to look longer, the position also flattens my stomach while widening my hips.


Pictures with lots of motion are some of my favorites because they make it look like you’re in the middle of the action. It puts your followers in “the moment” with you and have a more natural feel. Pinterest has thousands of photos that will send those vibes right your way. 

These girls chose a candid pose, this makes them look carefree, joyful, and vibrant.
One of my favorite instagram photos, with lots of motion and a neon color palette. It drops my followers along side me right into the action and fun of New York City fashion week.

Color palette, having an instagram theme can make your feed look more unified. Experimenting with what works is a big part of the process. Observe the pictures on pinterest or instagram that draw you in and why? What colors fit with the type of pictures you’re taking? Daylight or artificial light, was flash used, how many light sources? You can look for specific types of photos: hair, selfie, city life. 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. One of the best  ways we learn is by practicing our skills, researching other people and what they’re doing right. Happy pining!

What’s your most underrated app of the moment? Leave it in the comments below!!


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