Top 5 Aesthetically Pleasing Movies on Netflix

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In the tri-state area we are currently experiencing our first major snowstorm of this winter! If you’re right with me having a lazy extended weekend in (or just need some serious aesthetic eye candy) I have the list for you. Finding a great movie on Netflix can be difficult, with all the choices you never know if its gonna be great or a flop.

Here are my top 5 favorite aesthetically pleasing movies available to stream on Netflix:

-Moonrise Kingdom

Its no surprise that Wes Anderson makes this list with his Oscar winning child-centered dramedy. The quirky love story of two adolescents that meet on a New England island and run away, is as charming as it is beautiful. Laced with muted yellows and reds, impeccable detail, Anderson does not disappoint!


-Blue is the Warmest Color

Set with the cool backdrop of France this LGBT romance follows the life of Adele who falls in love with a mysterious cool-girl named Emma. This film will have you in your feels and dreaming of booking the next flight to Paris. What feels like you’re watching the real events of a couple’s relationship is both breathtaking and devastating.


-Anna Karenina

I actually came across this movie by accident when scrolling through Netflix early last summer, and without a doubt it is one of the most underrated movies ever. Telling the story of an affair set in 1870’s high society Russia it is as scandalous and beautiful, as it is sad. The extravagant muted-pastel costumes and play-like production design enhance the already tense screenplay based on Leo Tolstoy’s novel.



The predecessor to girl gang movies like Clueless and Mean Girls, Heathers has an edge and comedy that reflects the angst and absurdity that is high school. Winona Ryder stars as a girl part of the mean-clique that has to deal with the death of her friends after a mysterious stranger befriends her. Unlike other films mentioned this movie’s aesthetic cred comes from the costumes and style of the characters rather than the cinematography, this will make you want to hit up American Apparel ASAP!


-The Shining

The slow-burning story and creepy vibes are only amped up by the amazing cinematography this movie offers. Being isolated for a whole winter with your insane-husband, child, and a couple hundred ghosts that wander the hotel you’re watching? A recipe for one of the most iconic horror movies ever. If you love symmetrical shots, a 70’s color palette, and blood this is the movie for you!


Let me know in the comments what your go-to movie for a snow-day is!



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