It Girl: 5 Questions with Natalia Amaya

Natalia Amaya is a singer and full time student at Saint Peter’s University. She’s also one of the most stylish and interesting people I know. I recently got a chance to interview her about her style and tips for what makes her Instagram pop.


1. What is your favorite app to edit photos?

NA: VSCO cam it offers such great filters, it really enhances my pics. I spend a lot of time just playing with the features.

2. What is your go to accessory?

NA: Probably chokers or earrings.


3. If you could only shop at one store what would it be?

NA: Probably Forever 21, H&M, or Zara. They’re all affordable and accessible and cute. I also love going thrifting. You don’t have to spend tons of money to look or feel your best.

4. Describe your style.

I get a lot of inspiration from street style pages on Instagram. Tess Christine is my style icon I love every single thing she wears. In the summer I love flowy tops and ripped jeans, during the winter I tend to be more polished and cozy.

5. What is your favorite social media?

Twitter is really funny but I also love Instagram.

You can keep up with Natalia on her personal or singing instagrams both links are below.


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