How to Edit: VSCO Cam

With spring break upon us your Instagram feed is bound to be filled with great pics from your family and friends vacations or fun plans. If you feel like your pictures need some refreshing on your picture editing skills you’ve come to the right place!
One of the best apps to edit and filter pictures is VSCO cam. It is available through the app store for free and has some in-app purchases if you want a physical copy of your photo or more professional filters.
The look I go for when editing my personal Instagram photos are high color, tan skin, with highlights of blue.
I’ll be taking you step by step of my editing usual routine.
Before we get into the filters we need a good foundation for our photos. This is available as the second option once a photo is uploaded.
  1. Lower exposure to make the photo darker, while increasing the contrast.
  2. Increase saturation, this will really bring out the colors and intensify them.
  3. Increase shadows save, this will bring back some light into the photo and bring back depth.
  4. Lower temperature slightly, this will bring out the cool tones in your photo while keeping the saturation.
  5. Increase skin tone slightly, to make any redness or discoloration blend out.
  6. Lastly, increase blue and magenta highlights tints.


Once the base is set up the natural photo colors should be much brighter. Any filter will look great on this base but the key to filters is to not leave them at the highest intensity. Some of my favorites are M3, M5, and P5. I usually levels for those around 3.5-8.7.
Although these are my favorite filters and tips for editing, aesthetic is all about showing off your personality and preferences. Experiment and have fun with your photos!

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