Instagram’s Best Feature You’ve Probably Never Used

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about the importance of Pinterest, how I use it to curate my “cool” and to collect ideas in a organized manner. Some of the feedback I got from my friends were questions on how to pin from Instagram on a mobile device instead of a desktop. While you can use the link of a post, sometimes the photo is on a private account other times it can be weird to pin the photo of a friend or acquaintance.

That’s when I realized so many do not know about Instagram’s best feature, SAVED.

The saved feature on Instagram is located at the bottom right corner of any post. (Pictured below)


Saving images brings them to a separate tab (shaped like a banner) on your profile. The user does not get a notification that their picture has been saved and only you can see what you’ve saved. 


I use my saved feature to collect any and every type of post, through saving it I can go back and look at what makes pictures great and what I can do when I get stuck on what to post. Plus the format of the posts is aesthetically pleasing, its like creating your own dream Instagram-profile. Some examples of my saved tab are below!




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