De-stress the Mess

The 2 weeks before finals can be some of the most stressful times in the lives of college students! Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed and I wanted to set some time aside this weekend to tackle all my projects and de-stress.

Here are some tips for de-stressing and cleaning up your life.

  1. Get a planner and use it! Usually I am the person in class with 2 notebooks on their desk, one for notes and one for planning. I recommend a large planner and pen always readily available to jot down everything you need to do. ae4b383b800bf83f62767a649edb104c.jpg
  2. Throw things out! Living surrounded by clutter can fog your mental state and increase anxiety. Start by taking your garbage out and throwing away things you don’t need. You’ll be surprised by how much space you’ll have.
  3. Essential Oils! Lavender and peppermint oils are perfect for those have trouble getting to sleep or taking a moment to breathe.
  4. Whale noises! I often listen whale or oceanic noises before I go to sleep. They help me relax, focus on going to sleep, and achieving a deeper sleep. 0e399336b00e03b91b58873df493b77d.jpg
  5. Walk to music! When I feel like I need a break from working I often like to go outside and walk to my favorite music. Apple Music is my preferred streaming service but a free alternative is Spotify.


Photos courtesy of pinterest*


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