#GOALS : July 2017


Hi guys it’s me Awilda!

The last time I posted on this blog was over 2 months ago, but I am back and ready to start posting again. I realized this summer (whats left of it) I will have more time to dedicate and create content for anyone reading this blog.

In order to create content and bring you all along on some changes I want to make to my life I’ve decided to set up a monthly #GOALS section of this blog! Since we’re a little over a week into July lets check out what I want to complete in these next couple of weeks:

  1. QUIT DRINKING SODA- Ok y’all confession time. I’ve been setting this as a goal for the past year BUT I am determined to quit my soda habit by the end of August. Right now I’m trying to consume as much lemon and water as possible because I know going cold turkey definitely doesn’t work for me!

    Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
    Drinking water! Being healthy!
  2. Post at least once a week- I’m really aiming for 2 quality blog posts each week but baby steps!!
  3. Start thinking about post-grad life/senior year- Although I have been working on research for my senior honors thesis and balancing 2 internships this summer I haven’t really come up with a plan for post-peacock life. Between thinking about grad school, law school, entering the work field, traveling, all while being flat broke theres tons of options but tons of challenges. I’m not sure exactly what to do or how I’m going to tackle adulting.
  4. Getting healthy- This kind of goes hand in hand with the first goal. Anyone who knows me knows I am truly a junk food addict. Not only is it super tasty its also super expensive and horrible for me!! I want to start going to the gym at least twice a week and cooking at home a majority of the week. If y’all have any tips on how to start this and keep on track let me know.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The opposite of healthy eating! :-/ Work in progress!

Please tell me what you guys are planning on accomplishing this July! Leave it in the comments or hit me up on Instagram!




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