Wingstop: Welcome to Awildee Eats

Hey y’all it’s me Awilda!

Recently, I’ve been thinking about what content to post on this blog. I love writing and want to do it more frequently but I’ve always had trouble deciding what was interesting enough to write about. That’s when I looked to my favorite social media site for some inspiration, Twitter.

When I saw a few positive posts about Wingstop on Twitter over the past couple weeks I knew I had to look into what this mysterious chicken wing spot was. Realizing there was a location only 15 minutes from my house I ventured out to try out their food!

This adventure also gave me inspiration for a segment on my blog dedicated to my favorite thing on this planet, food. Welcome to the first post in the series of Awildee Eats!

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The first thing I noticed about Wingspot was how clean the restaurant was and how friendly their staff was. The cashier helping me was also named Awilda and she was super sweet!

With the 6 piece combo meal you receive 6 chicken wings, with your choice of 2 possible sauce flavors, french fries, a dip, and a 20oz fountain drink, it was around $9. I chose the classic hot and mild sauce flavors for my wings, with bleu cheese dip. Each order is made individually which added to the freshness but also took around 15 minutes which I didn’t mind.  

Of the two wing flavors I preferred the classic hot over the mild, it was definitely more spicy and flavorful. There was a significant difference in color and amount of sauce, with the classic hot more red and saucier, while the mild were an orange hue and drier.


The fries had an unusual seasoning, one minute they were salty the next hints of something sweet would pop through. At first I was put off by the sugar mixed in but then I found it to play well off the spiciness of the wings.


I enjoyed the meal overall and would recommend this restaurant to others!


If y’all have any recommendations of food/restaurants/chain establishments I should review next let me know! As always leave some comments or hit me up on Instagram!




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